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45s rips part 4 (rips by Rasdragon and Rickyroots) part 4

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music 2017-07-31 2018-04-15 113 11.9 GB 2071
File Lists
  1. Heptones - Dock Of The Bay (Studio 1 12in).mp312.0 MB
  2. GRT 1230 132-B Ishan People - Trenchtown.mp310.8 MB
  3. King Kong - Niceness (sweetcorn records '86 - m. johnson) + Version.mp310.7 MB
  4. Greensleeves GRE 001-A Reggae Regular - Where Is Jah.mp39.9 MB
  5. Karazor TS004-B Tony Shabazz & The Revolutionaires - Chuky Chapter One.mp39.3 MB
  6. High Note SP 0695-B The Revolutionarys - No Dub To Loose.mp39.2 MB
  7. Jackie Mittoo - Rocking Universally (Studio 1 12in).mp39.2 MB
  8. High Note SP 0695-A Earth & Stone - No Time To Loose.mp39.2 MB
  9. I & I Sound 4623-A (VVV) A. Doeman & The Upbeats - King Selassie I Live.mp38.8 MB
  10. I & I Sound 4623-B (III) A. Doeman - I & I Stand Firm.mp38.8 MB
  11. Karazor TS004-A Winston Jarrett & The Rightous Flames - Chuky Hark & Shark.mp38.7 MB
  12. High Note DSR 0802-A Joseph Hill, Culture & Revolutionares - Forward To Africa.mp38.7 MB
  13. Intel-Diplo PT 177-A Peter Tosh - Legalize It.mp38.6 MB
  14. Intel-Diplo PT 177-B Version.mp38.6 MB
  15. Harry J HJ 200-A Shorty (The President) - Rockers Tamborine.mp38.5 MB
  16. King Culture KC 733-B K.C. Alstar - Dub A Long.mp38.4 MB
  17. High Note 093-B The Revolutioners - Limbo Dub.mp38.3 MB
  18. High Note DSR 0803-B Revolutionares - Forward Dub.mp38.3 MB
  19. King Culture KC 733-A Trevor Sinclair - Come A Long.mp38.2 MB
  20. Jah Banna JB 001-A Little John - Ghetto Living.mp38.1 MB
  21. High Note 093-A Al Brown & The Revolutioners - Sitting In Limbo.mp38.1 MB
  22. J.R. Sound DSR 1061-A Barrington Levy - Settle Down.mp38.0 MB
  23. Hit Bound DSR 5498-B Version.mp37.9 MB
  24. Jah Banna JB 001-B Version.mp37.9 MB
  25. Heavy Duty DSR 2764-B Mighty Two - Banana Stark.mp37.9 MB
  26. Grammy Rose DSR 6052-A Michael Rose - Demonstration.mp37.9 MB
  27. Horse HOSS 152-B Velvet Shadows - Down Fall Rock.mp37.9 MB
  28. G Clef Records CLE 0032-B Sid Lovejoy - King Kong Man Version.mp37.9 MB
  29. Jammy's DSR 2881-A Jose Wales - Imagine(Beatles).mp37.9 MB
  30. Jah's Music TW-A Third World - Hold On To Love.mp37.8 MB
  31. King Culture KC 731-B Version.mp37.8 MB
  32. Jammy's DSR 2882-B Version.mp37.8 MB
  33. Jahmani JMI 601-A I Jahman & Madge - I Do.mp37.7 MB
  34. Island IS 49080-A Bob Marley & The Wailers - Wake Up & Live.mp37.7 MB
  35. Grammy Rose DSR 6053-B Version.mp37.7 MB
  36. Jackpot BL 5-B Version.mp37.7 MB
  37. Half Moon FSC 7848-A Stranger Cole & Super 8 Corporation - Freedom, Justice & Equality.mp37.7 MB
  38. Island ISP 210-B Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman No Cry.mp37.5 MB
  39. Heavy Duty DSR 2763-A I Roy - Trust No Shadow After Dark.mp37.5 MB
  40. Island WIP 6539-B Jah Lion - Soldier & Police War.mp37.5 MB
  41. Gibbous GS-23-A Madlads - Man's Temptation.mp37.5 MB
  42. King Culture KC 731-A Keithus I - Prophecy.mp37.5 MB
  43. Itana DSR 7934-B Version.mp37.5 MB
  44. H.A.M. HM 8055-A Bunny Malone - Baby I've Been Missing You.mp37.5 MB
  45. Impact RRM I&I 1936-B Upsetters - Version Nebuchadnezzer.mp37.5 MB
  46. Killamanjaro RMM 935-A Ninja Man & Courtney Melody - Protection.mp37.5 MB
  47. J.R. Sound DSR 1062-B Version.mp37.4 MB
  48. Impact JHK 007-B The Diamonds - Country (Version).mp37.4 MB
  49. Giant KC 4561-B Big M.Band - Version.mp37.4 MB
  50. Jogibs Records JG 7913-A I.Roy & Leo - News Carrier.mp37.4 MB
  51. Half Moon HFM 4-A Albert Lynch & Super 8 Corperation - Let Me Be Your Lover.mp37.4 MB
  52. Humming Bird DSR 6606-A Daddy Mikes - Dirty Dubsoundboy.mp37.4 MB
  53. Jah Guidance DSR 3186-A Rankin Toyan - Spar With Me.mp37.4 MB
  54. Iawa DSR 2567-A Ken Boothe - Turn Your Lamp Down Low.mp37.4 MB
  55. King Culture KC 742-B Version.mp37.4 MB
  56. Intel-Diplo DSR 0370-A Peter Tosh - Cant Blame The Youth.mp37.4 MB
  57. Island IS-8822-A Third World - Talk To Me.mp37.3 MB
  58. Jah Life Time DSR 7569-A Barrington Levy - Come.mp37.3 MB
  59. Guiding Star DSR 9242-A Phillip Frazer - Mrs. Jones.mp37.3 MB
  60. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound DSR 6797-A Nigger Kojak - Big Iron.mp37.3 MB
  61. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound DSR 6796-A Nigger Kojak - Big Iron.mp37.3 MB
  62. Jam Can JG 001-B Lord Tanamo - Got To Have You Baby Part 2.mp37.3 MB
  63. High Note SP-3728-B The Revolutionaires - Fussy Dub.mp37.3 MB
  64. Half Moon FSC 7848-B Super 8 Corporation - Freedom Version.mp37.3 MB
  65. King Bidia DSR 2136-A Johnney Walker - Joe Grind Me Tun.mp37.3 MB
  66. King Bidia DSR 2137-B Version.mp37.3 MB
  67. High Note DSR 7743-B The Revolutionaries - Roots Man Dub.mp37.3 MB
  68. High Note DSR 6318-B Micheal Forbes & The Revolutionares - Dancing Version.mp37.3 MB
  69. Joe Gibbs DSR 2592-B Mighty Two - Version.mp37.3 MB
  70. Grass Roots DSR 3425-A The Roots - Mash Down.mp37.3 MB
  71. Joe Gibbs DSR 2591-A Culture - Two Sevens Clash.mp37.3 MB
  72. Kings Crown RMM 423-A Freddie Chambers - South Africa Barriers.mp37.3 MB
  73. Incredible Music RMM 967-A Junior Delgado - Lady.mp37.3 MB
  74. Jimpys Intl. Rec. JWH 040-A Leroy Gibbon - Medley 111.mp37.3 MB
  75. Jam Can JG 001-A Lord Tanamo - Got To Have You Baby.mp37.3 MB
  76. High Note DSR 5246-B Revolutionaires - Natty Dub.mp37.3 MB
  77. Giant KC 4560-A Donavan Careless - How Can I Tell Her.mp37.2 MB
  78. Harmonic DSR 2205-A The Survivors - Leggo Baddness.mp37.2 MB
  79. Kangal RMM 525-A Due Taronomy - Waan The Money.mp37.2 MB
  80. Jah's Music TW-B Third World - Reggae Radio Station.mp37.2 MB
  81. Jackpot BL 3-B Version.mp37.2 MB
  82. Jackpot BL 5-A John Holt - You'll Never Find.mp37.2 MB
  83. Gold-Mine Rec. CH 3102-A Maxie & Lizard - Jive Talkin'.mp37.2 MB
  84. Jammy's DSR 2495-B Version.mp37.2 MB
  85. Harry J DSR 4992-A Little John - Come Back To Me.mp37.2 MB
  86. Grass Roots DSR 3426-B The Roots - Solja Man Skank.mp37.2 MB
  87. GG's Hit DSR 1913-A Unknown - Standing On The Shore.mp37.2 MB
  88. Jammy's DSR 5427-A Sensemellian Vibration - Brothers Keeper.mp37.2 MB
  89. Gorgon no matrix-B Revolutionaries - Dub Wise.mp37.2 MB
  90. Jammy's DSR 5974-A Admiral Bailey - Original Nuffy.mp37.2 MB
  91. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound JGM 4056-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Sunshine Dub.mp37.2 MB
  92. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound JGM 4056-B Joe Gibbs & The Professiona.mp37.2 MB
  93. High Note DSR 6317-A Brent Dowe & The Revolutionares - Dance Pon Yuh Corner.mp37.2 MB
  94. Jamatel JAL 11-B Third World All Stars - Version.mp37.2 MB
  95. Harmonic DSR 2206-B Version.mp37.2 MB
  96. High Times DSR 1717-B Soul Syndicate - Natural Dub.mp37.2 MB
  97. Jammy's DSR 8171-A Colin Roach & Tiger - No Idle Jubee.mp37.2 MB
  98. High Note DSR 9186-B The Revolutionares - Jah Version.mp37.1 MB
  99. High Times DSR 1716-A Freddie McGregor - Natural Collie.mp37.1 MB
  100. I Bingi I HM 01-B Half Moon Band - Luv Was Needed.mp37.1 MB
  101. Holt CRP 003-B John Holt - Never Never Never.mp37.1 MB
  102. Harry J HJ 200-A Trinity & Dean Stone - Smoking Rock.mp37.1 MB
  103. Half Moon C 280-A Dice Winston & Super 8 Corporation - The Best Thing That Ever Happen.mp37.1 MB
  104. Junjo DSR 5316-A Simple Simon - Simple Life.mp37.1 MB
  105. Half Moon SC 7938-A Fudgie Brother & Super 8 Corporation - Peace & Love.mp37.1 MB
  106. Jungle Rock DSR 7784-B Version.mp37.1 MB
  107. Horse HOSS 152-A Velvet Shadows - Babylon A Fall Down.mp37.1 MB
  108. Godfather DSR 3740-A Pink Panther - Jumpy Style.mp37.1 MB
  109. Jammy's DSR 6252-B Version.mp37.1 MB
  110. Gumari 1 Rec. CRISIS 0002-B Crisis Dub.mp37.1 MB
  111. Joe Gibbs FJG-7802-A Nagoo Morris - Su Su Pon Rasta.mp37.1 MB
  112. Joe Gibbs [re] FJG 7802-A Nagoo Morris - Su Su Pon Rasta.mp37.1 MB
  113. Jackpot DSR BL 5770-B (5796) John Holt - Riding For A Fall.mp37.1 MB
  114. Kesta RMM 1592-A Chacka Indian - Man Fi Act Tuff.mp37.1 MB
  115. Imaj Music DSR 17087-A Gregory Isaacs - Food, Clothes & Shelter.mp37.1 MB
  116. GG Records DSR 5447-A Freddie McKay - How Could I Leave.mp37.1 MB
  117. Harry T (GG TAPE MASTER) PB-6505-A Ashanti Waugh - Feel No Way.mp37.1 MB
  118. Joe Gibbs DSR 5484-A Mighty Diamonds - Gypsy Woman.mp37.1 MB
  119. King Tuff RDR7 39-A Skipper Logan - Alpha Amiga.mp37.1 MB
  120. Joe Gibbs DSR 3359-B Bigger T - Keep On Dubbing.mp37.1 MB
  121. Greedy Puppy LG 001-A Latty Guzang - Let's Go Dancing.mp37.1 MB
  122. Harry J no matrix-A Sassa Frass - Chubby Belly.mp37.1 MB
  123. GG Records DSR 5116-B GG's All Stars - Dub Part Two.mp37.1 MB
  124. Jammy's DSR 345-A Thriller U - Sexual Healing.mp37.1 MB
  125. King Culture KC 741-A Root Wonder - Cry Girl.mp37.1 MB
  126. Kangal RMM 1087-A Professor Nuts - Kangal A Knock.mp37.1 MB
  127. Half Moon SC 7938-B Super 8 Corporation - Peace Version.mp37.0 MB
  128. Jah Life Time DSR 7570-B Dub.mp37.0 MB
  129. Kesta RMM 1331-A Shaka Ranks - Winings That You Want.mp37.0 MB
  130. Kebar KB 201-B J.R.M. Orchestra - Situation.mp37.0 MB
  131. Golden Age GAM 04-B Jackie Edwards - Git Up.mp37.0 MB
  132. Jammy's DSR 346-B Version.mp37.0 MB
  133. GG Records GGR 3370-B (DSR 2268) GG All Stars - Part Two Dub.mp37.0 MB
  134. King Culture KC 759-A Stama & Culture - Barro Clothes.mp37.0 MB
  135. Jammy's DSR 2494-A Toney Hawthorne - I'm So Lost Without You.mp37.0 MB
  136. Joe Gibbs JGM 4115-A Dennis Brown - A Little Bit More.mp37.0 MB
  137. Greedy Puppy DSR 2634-A Douglas Boothe - She Is On My Mind.mp37.0 MB
  138. Jam Sounds FB 2590-A Bunny Feild - Start From The Bottom.mp37.0 MB
  139. Hotstick RG 30-A Johnny Clarke & I. Roy - Do You Love Me.mp37.0 MB
  140. Jamatel JAL 11-A Owen Grey - Take Away Everything.mp37.0 MB
  141. Justice JUS 109-A Johnie Clarke - One Love.mp37.0 MB
  142. Jammy's DSR 5028-A Patrick Andy - Sting We A Sting.mp37.0 MB
  143. Harry J DSR 3307-A Josie Wales - Drug Abusing.mp37.0 MB
  144. Jammy's DSR 10911-A Ernest Wilson - Sweet Melody.mp37.0 MB
  145. Joewella DSR 5025-A Robert Mystic - Youths N' Youths.mp37.0 MB
  146. Hamma Rec. DEL 0027-B Hamma All Stars - Valley Dub.mp37.0 MB
  147. Iawa DSR 2568-B Version.mp37.0 MB
  148. Justice BL 2386-B The Aggrovators - A Homeward Version.mp37.0 MB
  149. Gladiators - Pretending (Studio 1 12in).mp37.0 MB
  150. Kangal RMM 481-A Cornel Lloydy - Too Much Of One Thing.mp37.0 MB
  151. Jammy's DSR 3048-A Admiral Bailey - Original Dela Move.mp37.0 MB
  152. Grammy Rose DSR 5356-B Monsoni.mp37.0 MB
  153. Joewella DSR 5026-B Version.mp37.0 MB
  154. Jammy's DSR 7655-A Echo Minott - Me & Me Girl Gone Back.mp37.0 MB
  155. Ghetto Youths United ZM 001-A Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - When The Lights Gone Out.mp37.0 MB
  156. Jammy's DSR 8161-B Version.mp37.0 MB
  157. GG's no matrix-B G.G.All Stars - Part 2 Dubwise.mp37.0 MB
  158. Giant V 100-B The Living Truth - Bicentennial (Dub).mp37.0 MB
  159. King Tuff RDR7 38-A Skipper Logan - Precious Love.mp37.0 MB
  160. Jammy's DSR 6521-A Nitty Gritty - Gimmie Some A Your Some Thing.mp37.0 MB
  161. Jammys DSR 6521-A Nitty Gritty - Gimmie Some A Your Some Thing.mp37.0 MB
  162. I Bingi I HM 01-A Carl Dawkins - Luv Is Needed.mp37.0 MB
  163. Jammy's DSR 4410-A Tonto Irie - Every Possy Get Ready.mp37.0 MB
  164. Half Moon HFS 1003-B Super 8 Corporation - Rasta Version.mp37.0 MB
  165. Ja Man DSR 2746-B Freddie & The Rebels - Amazing Dub.mp36.9 MB
  166. Kangal RMM 356-A Yellowman (& Ashman) - Dangerous Accident.mp36.9 MB
  167. Half Moon HFS8 1001-A Young & Gifted - Got To Get Away.mp36.9 MB
  168. Joe Gibbs DSR 5596-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Natty Gone Clear.mp36.9 MB
  169. Kool Vibes A&H 001-A Lady G - Rundown Man.mp36.9 MB
  170. High Note FBL 8092-A Slim Smith - The Time Has Come.mp36.9 MB
  171. Island DSR 5964-A Aswad & Sweetie Ire - On & On.mp36.9 MB
  172. Julius JM-A Chakademus - Badder Than Them.mp36.9 MB
  173. Gorgon DSR 3666-A Lee Van Cleff - Dread Fe The Yard.mp36.9 MB
  174. Impact V 102-B Living Truth - It Is Written.mp36.9 MB
  175. Kangal RMM 524-A General Wayne - Who Say The Girls.mp36.9 MB
  176. King Tuff RDR7 38-B Skipper Logan - Precious Love Version.mp36.9 MB
  177. Jam Rock no matrix-B Run Sound~Version.mp36.9 MB
  178. Jamaazima DSR 2416-B Hugh Madoo - Sweet Girl.mp36.9 MB
  179. Harry J DSR 6075-A Ashman - La La.mp36.9 MB
  180. Jah Life JL 004-A Mikey Jarrett - Sadat.mp36.9 MB
  181. Joe Gibbs W 8014-B Winston Scotland - Scar Face.mp36.9 MB
  182. Kesta DSR 3944-A Malibu - My Love.mp36.9 MB
  183. Grammy Rose RMM 407-B Version.mp36.9 MB
  184. G.G. Records DSR 2271-B A. Ranglin - Dub Part Two.mp36.9 MB
  185. Ghetto Youths United ZM 001-B Then The Dub Comes.mp36.9 MB
  186. Hit Bound 3208-B Version.mp36.9 MB
  187. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound JGM 4055-A U. Mike - Island In The Sun.mp36.9 MB
  188. Jam Rock no matrix-A C.Prophet & Super Black - Run Sound.mp36.9 MB
  189. Kangal DSR 1600-A Yellow Man - Sexy.mp36.9 MB
  190. Kangal RMM 355-A Yellowman - Take A Letter To Rosie.mp36.9 MB
  191. Gilligan's Rec. G 101-A Choice Man & Danny Irie - A Nu Nuttin.mp36.9 MB
  192. Jomo no matrix-B Don, Forest & Fatman - Version~Furniture Man.mp36.9 MB
  193. Jamaazima DSR 7909-A U.U.Madoo & Papa San - Fi Mi Time Come.mp36.9 MB
  194. Jam Sounds ST 2373-B Marcia Griffith - Question II.mp36.9 MB
  195. G Clef Records CLEF 007-B Dave Barker - Driving Instructor.mp36.9 MB
  196. Jah Guidance DSR 3686-A Yellow Man - Night Flight.mp36.9 MB
  197. King Culture KC 017-A Christie B - Bad Bwoy Come & Go.mp36.9 MB
  198. GG Records GGR 3370-A The Maytones - Africa We Want To Go.mp36.8 MB
  199. Gussie 80's DSR 7128-A Yellow Man - Sensemilla.mp36.8 MB
  200. King Culture KC 775-A Frankie Wilmoth - Won't Give Up.mp36.8 MB
  201. High Note DSR 7742-A Mikey Dread & The Revolutionaries - Roots Man Revival.mp36.8 MB
  202. Junjo DSR 5317-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  203. Kangal DSR 7602-A Welton Irie - Balm Yard.mp36.8 MB
  204. Incredible Music RMM 967-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  205. Half Moon HF-58-T-1001-A Young & Gifted - Got To Get Away.mp36.8 MB
  206. Humming Bird DSR 6607-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  207. Golden Air 9354-A Gabriel & The Angles - Jah I Prey.mp36.8 MB
  208. Island DSR 5965-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  209. Jammy's DSR 8160-A John Holt - Blame It On The Rain.mp36.8 MB
  210. King Jap Intl. DSR 7959-A Derrick Parker & Barry Back - Man Come Fat.mp36.8 MB
  211. Jam Sounds FB 2590-B Universial Orchastra - Part II Insturmental.mp36.8 MB
  212. Hard Worker DSR 8803-A Sweat - Lef Him.mp36.8 MB
  213. Jammy's DSR 3542-A Colin Roach & General Degree - Execution.mp36.8 MB
  214. Harry J DSR 7322-A Manix, Ashman & Goldman - No Problem.mp36.8 MB
  215. Juney Star RMM 634-A Charlie Chaplin - Long Belly Man.mp36.8 MB
  216. Harry T (GG TAPE MASTER) PB-6505-B Riddim Reactions - Feel A Dub.mp36.8 MB
  217. Jammy's DSR 8840-A Linval Thompson - Can't Stop The Ghetto Youth.mp36.8 MB
  218. Jam Sounds ST 2373-A Marcia Griffith - Question.mp36.8 MB
  219. High Note DSR 5966-B The Revolutionaries - Natty Dub.mp36.8 MB
  220. Hurricane DSR 8189-A Freddie McGregor - Miserable Woman.mp36.8 MB
  221. Joe Gibbs DSR 3358-A Mighty Diamonds - Keep On Moving.mp36.8 MB
  222. Harry J DSR 6903-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  223. Jammy's DSR 10871-A Pliers - 50 50 Love.mp36.8 MB
  224. King Tuff RDR7 42-A Skipper Logan - Give Me Love.mp36.8 MB
  225. Island IS 089-A Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus.mp36.8 MB
  226. Kennedy Intl. Rec. DSR 11968-A Super Black - Soundboy.mp36.8 MB
  227. High Note DSR 5245-A Culture - Natty Never Get Weary.mp36.8 MB
  228. Jammy's DSR 5226-A Echo Minott - Original Fat Thing.mp36.8 MB
  229. Harry J DSR 6414-A Frankie Paul - One Wheel Wheely.mp36.8 MB
  230. Jammy's DSR 7404-A Josie Wales & Admiral Bailey - Ballot Box.mp36.8 MB
  231. Igla Rec. RMM 1096-A Miky Power - I'm Shy.mp36.8 MB
  232. Grammy Rose DSR 5355-A Michael Rose - Bogus Badge.mp36.8 MB
  233. Jah All Mighty DSR 6529-B Good Friend.mp36.8 MB
  234. Gold Key Rec. DSR 1580-A Devon Irie - Every Massive Have To Rock.mp36.8 MB
  235. Jam Rock DSR 6710-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  236. Itana DSR 7933-A Peter (Roots) Lewis - Facts Of Life.mp36.8 MB
  237. Kennedy International Rec. T.H. 2176-A Skullman - De World.mp36.8 MB
  238. Joe Gibbs DSR 6431-B Joe Gibbs, Errol T & The Professionals - Bwoy It Rough.mp36.8 MB
  239. Harry J DSR 4993-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  240. Grammy Rose RMM 407-A Michael Rose - Hurry Home Baby.mp36.8 MB
  241. Kings Crown RMM 819-A Tiger - Jungle Move.mp36.8 MB
  242. Gorgon DSR 7836-A Diamonds & George Nooks - Right Time.mp36.8 MB
  243. Glover Rec. MHG 7005-A Kush-I feat.Blackout - Look My Girl (Dance Hall Mix).mp36.8 MB
  244. Joe Gibbs Roots Sound DSR 6797-B Tribute To Marty Robbins.mp36.8 MB
  245. Jah Life DSR 7501-B Strogglers Dub.mp36.8 MB
  246. Gilligan's Rec. G 101-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  247. Horseshoe DSR 6222-A Charlie Chaplin - Boyie Boyie.mp36.8 MB
  248. Hot Shot ML 3919-A Heptones - Give Me The Right (Let's Get It On).mp36.8 MB
  249. High Note DSR 9576-A Cultures & The Revolutionaires - Weeping Eyes.mp36.8 MB
  250. Island IS 005-B Bob Marley & The Wailers - Put It On.mp36.8 MB
  251. Harry J HJ 200-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  252. Island IS 061-A Max Romeo & The Upsetters - One Step Forward.mp36.8 MB
  253. Kangal RMM 724-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  254. Kangal RMM 724-A Yellowman - Blue Berry Hill.mp36.8 MB
  255. Harry J DSR 0547-A Cornel Campbell - The Table Must Turn.mp36.8 MB
  256. Glover Rec. MHG 7005-B Kush-I feat.Blackout - Look My Girl (Straight Mix).mp36.8 MB
  257. Golden Air 9355-B Version.mp36.8 MB
  258. Kings Of Kings DSR 14161-A Iley Dread - Prayer.mp36.8 MB
  259. Kirk & Tipps Prod. DSR 4613-A Tipper Lee & Rappa Robert - Wasn't It You.mp36.8 MB
  260. Jah's Music DSR 8718-A Third World feat. Cat Coore - Over Due.mp36.8 MB
  261. Half Moon HFM 4-B Super 8 Corperation - All Alone.mp36.8 MB
  262. Grade One no matrix-A Sluggy - Million Man March.mp36.8 MB
  263. High Note RB 2219-A Rad Bryon - Rock To The Music.mp36.7 MB
  264. Jah Guidance 8749-A Jah Thomas - Dance Pon Mi Corner.mp36.7 MB
  265. Harp Music CV 2157-A Siekey - Love That You're Looking.mp36.7 MB
  266. Jammy's DSR 8841-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  267. Jammy's DSR 10912-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  268. Hayces DSR 8612-A Lyrical - Over & Over Again.mp36.7 MB
  269. Jah Christos Music CM 10X1-B Stone, Strings & Ivory - Version.mp36.7 MB
  270. Harry J DSR 6749-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  271. Hurricane DSR 8189-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  272. Gussie76 GUSSIE 204-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  273. Island WIPX-1077-A Jimmy Cliff - Wild World.mp36.7 MB
  274. Intel-Diplo PT 3011-A Peter Tosh - Babylon Queendom.mp36.7 MB
  275. Ital RZ-B R. Zee Jackson - Talk Too Much.mp36.7 MB
  276. Jah Guidance 8750-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  277. Kangal RMM 380-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  278. Jammy's DSR 10872-B Version.mp36.7 MB
  279. High Priest DSR 9481-A Lover B - Eternal Love.mp36.7 MB
  280. High Music DSR 4643-A Prince Pompadoo - Ghost Buster.mp36.7 MB
  281. Hitbound DSR 6572-A Wilton Irie - Mr. Irie.mp36.7 MB
  282. Harry J DSR 0548-B Cornel Campbell - Version.mp36.7 MB
  283. Joe Gibbs DSR 5595-A Culture - Natty Dread Taking Over.mp36.7 MB
  284. Incredible Music DSR 8771-A Johnny Osbourne - Afe Tan Yah So.mp36.7 MB
  285. Juggling Rec. JGLG 011-A Ambelique - Since You've Been Gone.mp36.7 MB
  286. ICE-95 Records U 48713M-B Icerider Riddim Version.mp36.7 MB
  287. Half Moon HF-58-T-1001-B Super 8 Corperation - Away Version.mp36.7 MB
  288. Jamaazima DSR 2415-A Hugh Madoo - Country Gal Sweet.mp36.7 MB
  289. Jammy's DSR 1375-A Dean Fraser - Big Bad Sax.mp36.7 MB
  290. Jammy's DSR 4197-A Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks & Home T - Who She Love.mp36.7 MB
  291. King Tuff RDR7 39-B Skipper Logan - Alpha Amiga Version.mp36.7 MB
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  309. Greedy Puppy DSR 7091-A Prince Huntley - Greedy Girl.mp36.7 MB
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  2024. Kentone Rec. FBL 3078-B Eric ''Monty'' Morris, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Sammy Dead.mp34.1 MB
  2025. Giant EM 111-B Ewan & The Soul Cat - Your Sweet Love.mp34.1 MB
  2026. Jama 44347-B B.T.Express - Walk Away.mp34.1 MB
  2027. High School International FT 7932-B (7961) Young Dellinger - God Is Standing By.mp34.1 MB
  2028. High Note TTR 1369-B The Gaytones - Heart Of Version.mp34.1 MB
  2029. High Note DUC 0097-B Version.mp34.1 MB
  2030. GG's Hit GGR 1311-B GG All Stars - Dub Part 2.mp34.1 MB
  2031. Justice FBL 8248-A Owen Gray - Let Jah Arise.mp34.1 MB
  2032. Ital Sounds DR.ALI# 3055-B Dr.Alimantado - I Shall Fear No Evil.mp34.1 MB
  2033. Gemini FSM 7710-A The Uniques - There's A Train.mp34.1 MB
  2034. Impact LC 2637-A Prince Jazzbo - Kick Boy Face.mp34.1 MB
  2035. Godfather DSR 3824-B Shabrock Rythm Master - Version.mp34.0 MB
  2036. Godfather DSR 3825-B Shabrock Rythm Master - Version.mp34.0 MB
  2037. Gay Feet FSP 6668-B (6664) Baba Brooks & His Recording Band - Mosquito Jump Up.mp34.0 MB
  2038. High Note DUC 0097-A Techniques - You Don't Care.mp34.0 MB
  2039. Greensleeves GRE 001-B Reggae Regular - Jah Is Here.mp34.0 MB
  2040. Giant VCC 6236-B Creator & Norma - Come On Baby.mp33.9 MB
  2041. Jackpot FBL 7689-B (TR 7836) Wilfred Jackie Edwards - So Many Days.mp33.9 MB
  2042. Harry J TR 7818-A Bob & Marcia - Pied Piper.mp33.9 MB
  2043. High Note no matrix-B Delano Stewert - Stay A Little Bit Longer.mp33.9 MB
  2044. Jackpot FBL 7689-A Wilfred Jackie Edwards - Johnny Gun Man.mp33.8 MB
  2045. Godfather FLP 7803-B (DSR LP 4340) Family Man & The Upsetters - Mafia Skank Version.mp33.8 MB
  2046. Gay Feet WIRL SEP 4041-A The Gaylads w. Lyn Taitt & The Jets - A B C Rocksteady.mp33.8 MB
  2047. Golden Heart DSR JC 1016-B Conscious Minds - Version.mp33.8 MB
  2048. Jama 44347-A Starlites - Mr.Walker.mp33.8 MB
  2049. Giant VC 9110-B Soul Syndicate - Channel Two.mp33.8 MB
  2050. I.S.D.A. Prod. DSR 5026-B Inside The Collage - Version.mp33.8 MB
  2051. High Note Rec. HS 004-A Delano Stewart - Dance With Me.mp33.7 MB
  2052. Gumari 1 DIR 1003-A Silford Walker - Jah Jah Power.mp33.7 MB
  2053. High Note DR 2006-B (FBL 712) Unknown Insturmental.mp33.7 MB
  2054. Half Moon SC 7936-A Stranger Cole & Jah Levy - I'm Living.mp33.7 MB
  2055. Kismet Rec. PH 7851-A Roy Tops - Rain & Thunder.mp33.7 MB
  2056. I.S.D.A. Prod. DSR 5025-A Jah Thomas - Boy & Girl.mp33.7 MB
  2057. Jogibs Rec. 6251-A Mr. X & Sweetie - White Liver Mabel.mp33.6 MB
  2058. Jackpot CS8-B Agrovators - Version.mp33.6 MB
  2059. Half Moon DSR 1065-A Carnell Andrews - Valley Of Tears.mp33.6 MB
  2060. Kemarley DSR 9487-B Version.mp33.6 MB
  2061. Golden Heart DSR JC 1015-A Douglas Boothe & Conscious Minds - When I Fall In Love.mp33.6 MB
  2062. Jackpot FBL 7701-A Delroy Wilson - Nice To Be Near.mp33.4 MB
  2063. Gemini DSR 1416-B Version.mp33.3 MB
  2064. High Note LC 1070-A Eugene Paul - Got To Get Her Next To Me.mp33.3 MB
  2065. Ghetto Vibves Music 1064-B Version.mp33.1 MB
  2066. High Note LC 1071-B Eugene Paul - What About You.mp33.1 MB
  2067. Giant R&B GN 1-A Junior Smith - Cool Down Your Temper.mp33.0 MB
  2068. Jammy's DSR 17694-B Version~Money Money.mp32.1 MB
  2069. Jammy's DSR 7691-B Vesrion~Money Money.mp32.0 MB
  2070. Impact PC 1021 is damaged at the start but worth the rip331 字节
  2071. Torrent downloaded from 字节

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