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pureMix - Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan West

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video 2017-07-18 2018-04-05 83 2.7 GB 43
File Lists
  1. Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan.flv508.1 MB
  2. Project Files/Balafon.wav79.7 MB
  3. Project Files/Bass.wav79.7 MB
  4. Project Files/Bridge Cello Comp.wav79.7 MB
  5. Project Files/Bridge keys.wav79.7 MB
  6. Project Files/Claps.wav79.7 MB
  7. Project Files/Hi synth.wav79.7 MB
  8. Project Files/Jon Hook Main.wav79.7 MB
  9. Project Files/Low mellotron.wav79.7 MB
  10. Project Files/Overheads.wav79.7 MB
  11. Project Files/Piano.wav79.7 MB
  12. Project Files/Pizzicato.wav79.7 MB
  13. Project Files/Reverse piano.wav79.7 MB
  14. Project Files/Room.wav79.7 MB
  15. Project Files/Synth swell.wav79.7 MB
  16. Project Files/Trumpet xtra.wav79.7 MB
  17. Project Files/Bridge Git 1.wav39.9 MB
  18. Project Files/Bridge Git 2.wav39.9 MB
  19. Project Files/C Hook Hi.wav39.9 MB
  20. Project Files/C Hook Main.wav39.9 MB
  21. Project Files/Crash.wav39.9 MB
  22. Project Files/Delay guitars.wav39.9 MB
  23. Project Files/Hi hat.wav39.9 MB
  24. Project Files/John Hook Hi.wav39.9 MB
  25. Project Files/John Hook.wav39.9 MB
  26. Project Files/Live kick.wav39.9 MB
  27. Project Files/Live snare.wav39.9 MB
  28. Project Files/Mo Dub 1.wav39.9 MB
  29. Project Files/Mo Dub 2.wav39.9 MB
  30. Project Files/Mo Dub 3.wav39.9 MB
  31. Project Files/Mo Hook Harm.wav39.9 MB
  32. Project Files/Mo Hook Hi.wav39.9 MB
  33. Project Files/Mo Hook Lo.wav39.9 MB
  34. Project Files/Mo Hook.01 L.01_01.wav39.9 MB
  35. Project Files/Mo Hook.01 R.01_01.wav39.9 MB
  36. Project Files/Mo Main.wav39.9 MB
  37. Project Files/Niki Hook 2.wav39.9 MB
  38. Project Files/Niki Hook 3.wav39.9 MB
  39. Project Files/Organ.wav39.9 MB
  40. Project Files/Synth kik.wav39.9 MB
  41. Project Files/Synth snare.wav39.9 MB
  42. Project Files/Trumpet huk hi.wav39.9 MB
  43. Project Files/Trumpet huk lo.wav39.9 MB

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